Art has always been my passion. As a nine year old attending design classes at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, I was captivated by magnificent sculptures, overwhelmed by architecture's grandeur and mesmerized by glorious paintings.

Oh the dreams of a child. But after five years of studying, reality set in, which deposited me right into the exciting world of advertising, a world I owe a lot to.


Throughout this journey several local and national awards of recognition for creativity, ad effectiveness and technical expertise were earned which eventually gave birth to Daniels Advertising & Design.


It was a very exciting and extremely rewarding ride. One I am proud of and grateful for.


But now I'm taking that experience and mixing it with oils and watercolours...which is what you'll find as you navigate the site. I hope you find something that pleases your senses.

What's New?

Falliage   24" x 18"

New paintings are now being displayed at Harvest Gold Gallery in Center Lovell, Maine. They are mostly images of Maine's colorful display of foliage. Shown here are three of the new paintings. Stop by the Gallery and see them as they should be seen along with all of the other art, sculptures and jewelry on display at the Gallery.


Color My World   14" x 11"

Splash of Summer  

24" x 24"